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Activating Distributed Clock - EtherCAT (Slave-side)
Hi Community,

I'm working with the NetHat Device and want to transfer data ervery 4 ms by using EtherCAT.
At the moment there is the problem that I cannot activate the Distributed Clock, which is deactivated by default on the netHat side (slave).

I have already discovered that there are two solutions for the problem.

1. By using the "NetX Configuration tool"

I would like to configure the module this way, but unfortunately the error "There’s no valid firmware directory found during installation. Would you like to choose it on you own?" already occur during the installation.
Also the manual selection of the directory, which I could find on the "DVD" provided for download, does not fix the problem.

Any idea how to solve this problem? 
(I use "netX Configuration Tool V1.0900" under Windows 10)

2. by sending a set configuration packet to the EtherCAT Slave protocol stack

I can't solve the problem this way. Could somebody send me an example code in which the "Set Configuration Request" is send by the application to the protocol stack to configure the device with configuration parameters ?

Thanks for your help.

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